Hello Again!

Hey guys!

It’s been half a year since I’ve been active on this blog, and it’s time for me to change that! I’ve been meaning to get back here and fix up my blog, but a lot has gotten in the way with school and sports. BUT, now I have a bunch of time to post, and I have a lot of ideas that I need to share! SO, you’ll be seeing a lot more from me on this blog now, and in the future.

Here are some updates since I’ve last posted on this blog:

  • I now have over 270 books, and almost 120 bookish candles!
  • I hit 1.5k on my bookstagram!
  • I started a book tube channel!
  • I surpassed my goodreads goal, and read 53 books in 2017!
  • I got my drivers license!

And with a growth in my bookshelf and books and bookish merch, I have a lot of books to review, and a lot of my favorite products to show you all! So stay tuned for whats to come! 🙂

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