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Review: The Perfect Tear // Giveaway and Blog Tour

I LOVE this book.  I was actually on vacation this past week when I read it (with no service at all), and I had no idea what the book was about because I couldn’t read the summary. I’m actually really glad that I went in blind at first, because I thought of certain characters (Lerion) and situations differently than I would have otherwise. Plus, it made the book so much more interesting than it already is. This book is so unique and original, and I’m so glad that I got to read The Perfect Tear for this blog tour!!

Ok, now for a few details:

Title:51Et4iFFy4L._SY346_ The Perfect Tear

Author: Connie Lansberg

Pages: 326

Genre: YA Fantasy

Publisher: Shooting for Success LLC DBA Rockit Press

Publication Date: December 15, 2015

Format: e-book

Rating: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️



Reached Amazon’s Top 15 “Hot New Releases” beating out Divergent & Insurgent

And yes, as you see at the bottom, the Perfect Tear WILL BE A MOVIE IN 2017!!! I am beyond excited to see how this will be as a movie (it will be feature length!), and you can check out this link for more info. Little Studio Films

The movie promo poster:


Giveaway Info:

5 winners will win an e-book of The Perfect Tear!!!

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Author Bio:

417T1bTivRL._UX250_Connie Lansberg is a singer/songwriter and now author based in Melbourne Australia. She’s had her original songs placed in some of Australia’s best loved TV shows that play around the world and The Connie Lansberg Quartet is a fixture in the Melbourne jazz scene. Her most recent original musical project, Alone with Bees, performs her songs written especially for The Perfect Tear. This is Connie’s first novel and the movie is coming.

She also received several grants from the Victoria Council of the Arts for the development of mobile phone games that she created.

Connie joined the Melbourne Writers Group in 2010 to work on ideas and scripts and during this time the idea for The Perfect Tear began to develop and take shape. She continued her education by taking scriptwriting classes at the Australian Film and Television School in Melbourne and later, worked extensively with Marcy Kennedy on the book. She has two more stories to complete The Perfect Tear Trilogy and is hoping to have the second book finished by 2016.

“The first thing anybody tells you about this business is to say what makes you unique and different, but I couldn’t and the very idea of it never sat well with me and after much deliberation, I finally realized why.

Because, I’m not unique or different–I’m exactly like you and I love that.

We each have a unique filter through which we interpret the world, and with this filter in place, I write stories and songs and you might find them surprising or intriguing or confronting, you may relate or you may not. They may make you laugh and sometimes, even cry.

You may or may not understand what I’m trying to say and you may not understand me, however, rest assured, once we get past the filters, at our core, we are wonderfully and beautifully, exactly the same.”





This excerpt is from the very beginning of the book, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SCENE. It really sets up the rest of the novel and introduces you to some of the characters.

Lerion forced his lips into a smile and nodded politely in an effort to feign interest in the creations of his fellow novices. Their excited chatter and heightened energy pulsed the length of the room. They seemed foolish to him, but he managed to conceal his disdain. Social transparency in his society was the norm, but hiding his feelings from the collective was something he excelled at. It was his secret talent. Today however, he struggled to maintain a pleasant countenance.

The novices were allowed to see their competition for only a few moments and Lerion extended his glance the length of the narrow corridor again. He had to be certain he would win. Only the best young designers were invited to enter the Creation Contest, and then, only once. Lerion knew this was his only chance to achieve his dream, and he forced himself to scan the room once more. He was searching for any design that might pose a threat, but after another quick reconnaissance, nothing he saw gave him cause for concern. He took a quick, shuddering breath and lifted his chin. Why had he been so nervous?

He felt his energy uncoil and his step became light. He’d worked for this opportunity almost from the day his two co-creators sung him into being – he deserved to win.

Lerion clenched his jaw. The arrogance of his desire was not lost on him. The Creation Contest was much more than a matter of whose design was the most innovative or which novice showed the most initiative. The winning design had to uphold and even surpass the standards of creation set by the Ancient Ones. It had to enhance the evolution of their society as a whole. Had he achieved that?

He stopped in front of a nine-dimensional hologram and pretended to be intrigued with the design, while he slyly studied its creator, a feminine-biased novice named Lalycri. The energy emanating from her shimmered against his outer layer and he involuntarily vibrated in response. Her eyes lit up and he swallowed hard. Her animated smile caused her nose to crinkle and her energy swelled in gentle waves. It undulated softly through him. He felt himself surrender to the pleasure of it and immediately blocked its flow. He would not allow himself to respond. This was not the time to reveal his attraction to her, and he nodded curtly. He had to admit, he found Lalycri appealing and she peaked his curiosity. On any other day, he might have encouraged her, but this kind of personal chemistry often led to a desire to co-create and he was not about to break the rules. Not today, anyway.

Novices were forbidden to form creative partnerships of any kind. Only those having twelve activated strands of DNA were allowed the privilege of co-creation. Lerion sighed. He had activated only seven strands of the twelve that lay within each of his cells. More than all the other novices, but still, not enough.

Determined to ignore her vibrant energy, Lerion gave Lalycri a small nod. He leaned in and studied the extremely unusual construct while she beamed at him. He couldn’t work out what its purpose must be, and he stiffened. It had never occurred to him Lalcyri might be competition. How had she managed such a complicated design?

He made sure to keep his voice polite rather than accusatory. “I had no idea you’d been selected.”

Lalycri tilted her head and her smiled faltered. “Well, I was.”

Her tone had a sharp edge and he realized he had insulted her. “Certainly. I’m not surprised.”

“You sound surprised.” Lalycri’s voice was stern but the twinkle returned to her eyes. “I’m grateful for the honor. It’s definitely the most daring design I’ve produced so far.” She lowered her lashes an her mouth grew firm. “I would give anything to win. I long to pit myself against Tsera.”

Her words came fast and her voice had a ferocious quality that startled him. Lerion blinked and looked sharply at her. They all wanted the honor of winning. However, it had not occurred to him there might be others who desired to win as much as he did. Nobody could want this as much as he did. His every cell informed him being Main Creator was his destiny, and the idea she could snatch it from him was ludicrous.

He felt his vibration quicker, but Lalycri did not seem to notice the change in his demeanor. She smiled brightly, as if she had not just made a startling admission, and began to prattle without taking a breath.

And last but not least,

My Review:

– Non Spoiler Section –

I absolutely love this book, and I would give it 6 stars (out of 5) if I could. I would like to start out by saying that I thought that this book was very unique, and  I haven’t read anything even close to it. Aside from the fact that the main character is a poor girl and she falls in love with a prince, nothing else about this book was in anyway a copy or a re-creation/ retelling of anything else that I’ve read or seen before.

I loved all of the characters in this book because they all felt like real people who I could know and be friends with (except for a certain someone, obviously). I liked that although Eleanor was poor she still loved her childhood with her family, and when she became an orphan at the Abbey, she adjusted the best she could and stayed positive. I thought that Edward was really sweet, and I think that they made a good couple. They clearly liked each other, and were able to develop those feelings after a long friendship. Eleanor’s best friend Audrey, and Edward’s best friend John, were amazing characters as well. Plus, I loved how the author included characters of different race, language, and origin. She even included a character with a speech disability, which made him a quiet yet a great person who brought a lot to the story.

I also really liked the author’s writing throughout the story. She made all of the different settings very easy to imagine, and I felt like I was a ghost in the story following Eleanor and other characters on their adventures. I could easily picture the small cottage in the woods, the King’s castle, the Abbey, and more because they were written and described so well. I also liked that the story is written in 3rd person, because I was able to see how each character felt in different situations, and what their thoughts were. The book switched to the narratives of different characters, so you were able to get everyone’s POV on what was going on in the book and learn more about each character. Even Bella, which is Eleanor’s goat!

Lastly, I liked the entire plot and the different twists in the book. In this world, there are beings besides the ones found on earth. Everything is ‘sung’ into creation using different vibrations, and there are different densities as well (earth is in the third density). Read it so you can learn more and understand it better 😉 , because my quick explanation probably made no sense.

I highly recommend that you get this book! It was amazing and I love it, and I will probably soon get a paperback copy soon. I would definitely read The Perfect Tear before the movie comes out, especially because this book has already hit Amazon’s top 15 list after being released in only December 2015!

*** Scroll to the very end to check out the rest of the blog tour stops! There have been some amazing posts, with more to come! ***

Rating: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

*** Spoilers Below ***

Spoiler Section 

As I said in the non-spoiler section, I really love this book. When I first started it, I thought that Lerion was good and Tsera was bad, but that quickly changed once I read further into the book; and when I was finally able to get some service and read the summary.

I thought that the whole world was very unique and interesting, and the whole idea of the three vibrations was so creative. There are still some things that I am curious about, and I am sure that they will be answered in the next two books in the series that are to come. I want to know more about M.E.G and the Void, and more about the world/ planet that Tsera, Lerion, and Lalycri come from. P.S. I wonder what will happen between Lalycri and Lerion, because it seems like they kind of like each other, and I want to know more about co-creating because it sounds interesting.

I really liked all of the couples in this book. Eleanor and Edward are so cute together, and they will definitely have a happy marriage. Audrey and John are cute as well, even thought their relationship is more private and different in tier own way.I also really liked how the author made John have a speech disability, because I think it made him a better character, and I love that his friends and Audrey pay no attention to it because they don’t care.

Also, I want to know more about Rosamar and William (the King), because unless I missed it, I have no idea how old Rosamar is although I assume she’s older if William is interested in her. I think that they would make an interesting couple, so let’s see if that comes up in the rest of the series. I also really like Charles because you can tell that he is simply a good person who loves his family, and I hope that we get to see his friends from across the sea in the future.

I am also very curious about the Living Library and how it work, and who would want to steal it and why. The Perfect Tear is another example of a book that makes me wonder how the author could have imagined it! It’s so create, unique, and complex, and I know that there’s no way I could have thought of it.

I know this post was really long, but I really liked this book! Make sure to enter the giveaway, and check out Connie Lansberg on her various social medias!


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